The Bulgarian city of Sofia has a lot to be proud of. A rich history that offers many sights of interest for tourists and locals, plenty of cultural inspiration, great people, and the artist XPOME. Since 2001 he has been doing his bit for the creativity of his country, as both graffiti artist, and fine artist. With a focus on letters that take graffiti stylewriting, typography, and abstraction, and roll it all into one path, he now enjoys his twentieth consecutive year of creating. Blurring the elements of graffiti, graphic design, and fine art along the way.

20 years of creating

XPOME’s letters attempt to present solutions to varied typographic experiments. The rarity is that even after all this time he still actively turns in circles of legality, and illegality, which keeps his work moving forward. And his neighborhood interesting. In 2019 he presented his first solo exhibition at Galerija Siva in Zagreb, Croatia, however, his work has also been shown in diverse group exhibitions around the world since 2004, including the Martinez Gallery in NYC in 2018. Intrigued? Take a look here and see for yourself how XPOME sees his world.

Images by the artist XPOME

XPOME doesn’t need to have the full range of Montana GOLD colors to be able to paint a fresh piece (although I’m sure he would like to try). Even two colors of the Montana BLACK range are enough for him to depart on yet another style study that is aesthetic and engaging. With a soft spot for black white and gray, he keeps turning the lines and color blocks around like a rubics cube, until he lands on another composition he likes.