Graffiti artist KEAR – Giving Stockholm a run for it’s money 

In 1987 the Swedish graffiti artist KEAR was born. Brought up on the island. The closest thing he had to graffiti growing up was trips to Stockholm, glued to the train window like chewing gum. “Sticking” being the key word as Sweden was about to get a graffiti artist that was going to stick to a moral code that fellow Stockholm artist ABYSS can relate to.

ABYSS tells of his first meeting with KEAR. “A friend Kurir (PUBB CREW) introduced me to a tiny kid with long hair, wearing a mighty ducks baseball cap backwards, at a graffiti exhibition. He told me he wrote KEAR and pretty quick I understood that this guy had the exact same view on what good graffiti is as I do. We decided to paint together and after that day he became my main painting partner.

Introducing Swedish Graffiti artist KEAR

It has been many years since KEAR called Gotland home. Stockholm being more his cup of tea. With a painting partner and mentor like ABYSS, KEAR was bound for great things. But it was not his partner that made his artwork good. Nor was it the Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans that freequent his tool box. (although they probably helped).. KEAR was to be a good student and focus on some graffiti ground rules like shaping good letters, making them come to life together, characters and good color combo’s are a given.  Most important was creating original yet classic letters.



The good vibes rubbed off and these days KEAR has paved his own path, his own style and stayed true to his own rules. Allbe it ABYSS agree’s with most of them. With color schemes as diverse as his letters and connections, KEARS has followed the vein of artists like Dmote, Nomad and Caster who have all created something new paying full homage to the classic graffiti that rocked all the worlds most active hot spots. But don’t just read these words and take them for gospel, take a look for yourself and see how KEAR creates worlds of graffiti goodness!

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