ISAKOV “жаба” – There is a new “Frog” in town

At first glance, the new mural by Alexander Isakov mural for STADT.WAND.KUNST (SWK) looks like it is inspired by the architecture of Mannheim. But, as ISAKOV shows in the titling of the work, the image is based on a “Frog” (which is written as „жаба“ in Ukrainian). Generally, the artist is inspired by architecture, ornamentation, geometric shapes, and carefully chosen colors which he usually reduces to three variations. Which is all connected by solid black outlines which ISAKOV refers to as “the skeleton”.

ISAKOV mural for STADT WAND KUNST in Mannheim

Since 2013, the 28-year-old artist has been working as an independent street artist. His artwork can be seen in his resident city Berlin, throughout Germany, and internationally in Mexico, the U.S.A, Serbia, and Uganda. In an interview with newspaper, ISAKOV said that “it is well known that SWK is the most well-organized street art festival in Germany”. Making Mannheim a positive addition to his list. He also stated that when he paints in “small cities”, his work is appreciated much more by residents and onlookers than in large cities. During his time in Mannheim, coffee and cake were even passed through the windows by residents when he was painting close to their windows.

Photography by © Alexander Krziwanie / MONTANA-CANS

Using a selection of acrylic wall paints and Montana BLACK cans, ISAKOV overcame all the obstacles that the building had to offer. Whether it be windows, balconies, pipes, or difficult angles. ISAKOV celebrates his Ukrainian roots by the use of patterns, grids, and ornaments which are a part of Ukrainian art and culture. The otherwise neutral-looking apartment building is located in a part of the city which is locally known as “the kebab mile”, which famous for its fast food outlets and mobile phone shops. Similar to inner-city Berlin, it made ISAKOV feel a little more at home. Yet another gem in the crown of the portfolio of the artist himself and the growing list of open-air artworks curated by the SWK team, the mural yet another example of the amazing quality artwork on constant display in the city of Mannheim. The mural can be found at H4, 9, or take a moment here to see it digitally.