As a young man, Jason Naylor was in love with California in the United States. What started as summer holidays to visit family, became a burning that could not be filled with anything else. It’s a good thing that later in life he met the love of his life. And this got the ball rolling to absorb as much of it’s positivity as he could.

After long periods of visiting his new flame, Cali grew on him more and more. The ellure of the sun the colors and the ocean are far from his daily reality back in Brooklyn NYC. In his own words,

“In Cali you can let the wind blow through your hair and the sun shine on your face. Dreams come true in California. Magic happens. Love spreads like color onto walls and into hearts. This is California Love…”Jason Naylor

Loving California to the fullest

With this energy, the artist recently created the homage mural “California Love“. A chance for him to give back some of the light and color the city given him. With a little help from Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans, the dream became a reality. And the downtown location of The Hunt Vintage, became the substrate for his painting. Loaded with vibrant color and fluorescent INFRA goodness, the wall is like a smile getting you on a warm summer afternoon.

Making Of

Take a look and be warmed by it here.

All images by the artist JASON NAYLOR