Jeroo testing the new Montana METALLIC Effect Sprays

The artistic heart of Stuttgart in Germany pumps loud and consistently. If your not being WOW’d by the artworks on the street, train lines and trains themselves, you’ve probably noticed the high level of contemporary artworks being shown in the local galleries or museums. But this creative heart also beats at it’s roots. Jeroo, local writer, mural artist and studio artist is no exception.

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On the recent release of our new METALLIC EFFECT sprays, we knew then and there that Jeroo was someone that would find a home for these new tools in his bag of tricks. In his home studio in Stuttgart, he took sometime to experiment with them on some new canvas work he was developing. In conjunction with  some Montana GOLD colors and ACRYLIC markers, he was soon confronted with the obvious. „hang on, this is not like a chrome effect color“.  And he was right.


Our new METALLIC EFFECT cans are highly durable, closed surface paints that dry hard with the pigment in the paint film, offering a semi gloss, abrasion resistant surface when cured. Derived from automotive metallic colors, the METALLIC EFFECT sprays provide optimal results and opacity when applied in multiple thin layers (unlike the chrome effect colors that are one shot coverage as the pigment dries on the substrates surface). Jeroo soon saw the benefits of this creating some stunning highlights highlights and accents to the Montana GOLD colors he was also working with. The closed surface also enabled additional line work and mark variation with the inclusion of Montana ACRYLIC markers.


The new Montana METALLIC Spray is out now – ask at your local store!

Images by Manuel Wagner