The name SEMOR is one that regularly surfaces if you are a graffiti enthusiast looking for inspiration online. This has been the case for quite a while. However also in the last few years has this name been heavily associated with fine art. Why you ask because SEMOR’s work has made a very successful move from the streets to the studio. And with it, his street work has found a greater audience as well. SEMOR calls the city of Köln and the surrounding region home. For those that aren’t aware, Cologne in Germany is one part of a very strong creative hub with graffiti as a staple diet for most young kids amongst skateboarding and hip hop. But SEMOR’s name has shined above the lots of the graffiti overload. Not to mention it is one that is also spread internationally well beyond his local mixing pot.


With his love for Contemporary art, Dada, Post Modernism and all things abstract, SEMOR has found a new creative path which he calls his “Fluor Series”. The work heavily based in black, white and grey tones is always illuminated with a strong touch of fluorescent orange. Whether it be Montana BLACK and the INFRA colors for the street or Montana GOLD and the Fluorescent colors for the studio, with the Fluor Series SEMOR has managed to perfect his craft and pinpoint his subject matter. Even the Montana MARBLE spray and Montana ACRYLIC range have a well-earnt place indoors in what Kai likes to describe as his “studio love”. Take a moment here to explore the Fluor Series.


work in progress

Fine art the graffiti way

Not forgetting the important fact that by developing his studio practice, his street art, graffiti and mural has not been left aside. Unlike other artists that struggle to keep the balance or the energy high for all their favorite discipline’s, SEMOR can lay down some innovative graffiti-style writing just as well as he can impress an academic audience in the gallery.

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