For a long time, the German graffiti artist SEMOR (aka Kai SEMOR), has not only been prolific in his home city of Köln but equally as active all over the globe. With a consistency that is second to none, on any surface you could find the name SEMOR written with his favorite Montana GOLD or BLACK cans in an unlimited amount of styles.

With a dazzling array of graffiti style writing letter styles already under his belt, it could be easily said that SEMOR has tried just about every idea that he could think of. In 2017, his unstoppable drive for self-development led to SEMOR turning a new corner in his artwork that was then called the “FLUOR SERIES”. Both on and off the walls, SEMOR’s work ventured from the streets to the gallery, from the wall to canvas, and often from canvas to paper. And everything in between.

2017 to 2021- Four years of focused development

Fast forward to 2021, and what we see is a mature body of work that is captured in Kai SEMOR’s new book, “NEONROT“. A compilation of both the visual path traveled, but also some of the most stunning works created by SEMOR during this period. With only 500 copies of the book printed and signed, this modern collectible has already become a sort after book for lovers of graffiti, fine art, and graphic exploration. With 20 lucky books coming with their own unique handmade SEMOR artwork, NEONROT is not just something for the book shelf.

OUT NOW! – or on Instagram @kai_semor (pm)

If you’re not already familiar with SEMOR’s work, NEONROT may be just the book that could bring you in line with his already worldwide long list of fans, followers, and supporters. Take a moment to get familiar with NEONROT here.

All images by the artist SEMOR