Jasmin Siddiqui is no stranger to traveling the world. Particularly thanks to her profession as an artist and her participation as one half of the artistic duo, HERAKUT. No matter how well travelled she is, there is never a bad time to achieve a “first” in your life. For HERA, in the European summer of 2021, she managed to complete two of them while participating in one project. That event was Karlstad Street Art. Sleep where you create – The Karlstad Street Art event is located in Karlstad in the middle of Sweden. Siddiqui had been invited to participate and create a solo mural in the city’s district of Haga.

Karlsrad Street Art featuring Jasmin Siddiqui aka HERA

The event created by @huderrederre takes place on centrally located cubes, electrical cabinets, transformer stations, garage doors, and in the form of large-scale murals. For this, the second year running for Karlstad Street Art, Siddiqui created the first of the large-scale murals on an apartment building that she also had the pleasure of staying in. Therein lies the first of the “I’ve never done that before” moments, offering her a unique perspective as one of the building’s residents. A welcomed change from the normal process of arriving on the site of a mural she is creating each morning, and departing from it when her working day is done. 

HERA’s first mural in Sweden
The mural taking up a space of approximately 140 square meters, was completed with a modest selection of Montana GOLD cans and a large amount of acrylic roller paint. The painting which took six days to complete was her first mural in Sweden. The second of those “firsts“, that are so seldom in adult life.​ The motif was developed throughout the act of creating the mural as a result of conversations with passers-by and neighbors. Without the use of a grid or a preliminary sketch, the mural is a true testament to the unique illustrative talents of HERA and her visual storytelling. 

Photos by Strangefruit

@hera_herakut @karlstadstreetart and the creator of event @huderrederre