Markus Genesius (aka) WOW123 has put in the hard yards in his graffiti career. For more than 30 years the German born artists has rubbed shoulders, emptied cans and collaborated ideas with some of Graffiti’s greats. All while being accepted by his peers as one of those greats himself. But art is art, regardless of its discipline or its name. And as with any committed professional artists, there is no one title or style that can hold the multitude of ideas they may have in their lifetime. Knotenpunkte Markus Genesius aka WOW123

A retrospective of Graffiti, Painting, Drawing and Sculptures

“KNOTENPUNKTE” is the current retrospective exhibition at Hafenmuseum Speicher XI, in Bremen, Germany featuring the past and present of Markus Genesius. The show tries to tie in some of the artists most important creative junction points that have brought him to where he is today. An opportunity to reflect with a view to the past with his conceptual productivity, while looking forward with optimism of what may become.

As a friend and colleague of Montana Cans, not to mention a very heavy user of Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans, we are proud to share with you a small glimpse of the artists achievements.”KNOTENPUNKTE” is also able to be viewed in the flesh running till 27.01.2019.

Images by A.Stock