The METROPOLINK Festival in Heidelberg Germany, saw it’s 4th consecutive year running in 2018. With the festival getting more attention and ever increasingly talented artist participating, it was no wonder that the energy would spill over to other nearing regions. Next in line to participate for its second year in the METROPOLINK Festival was the German city of Schwäbisch Hall.

An ever growing festival means the origins of the artists is equally as wide spread. In 2018, Venezuelan artist Koz Dos participated for the first time and brought with him a dynamic Central American flair. Born 1986 in Caracas, Koz Dos is well known for his photo realistic portraits with animals and people. His artwork often incorporating a figurative focus that is laced with subtle abstraction.

Deconstrucción de un viaje onírico

From Venezuela to Schwäbisch Hall

With open arms and minds, the mural “Deconstrucción de un viaje onírico” (Deconstruction of a dream voyage”) was opened to the public and onlookers did so in awe of this magnificat artwork. Take a look for yourself here

With the Montana GOLD in hands, Koz Dos displayed impressive abilities not just as a master of technique. He also has a keen eye for composition, with a color palette as dense as the streets and forests of his home.

All images by the artist – Koz Dos