LADIES ON WALL is an annual event of Indonesian female graffiti artist since 2014. 2017 is the 4th years for Ladies on Wall Sponsored by Montana. Ladies on Wall was successfully held in Bandung City, and FRSK as the project leader. Ladies on Wall 2017 was located at Kawaluyaan Park, held on August 19th 2017 and the event started from 10 AM. LADIES ON WALL 2017 BANDUNG CITY INDONESIA

With popular art as the theme, Ladies on Wall 2017 was participated by female street artists like ADCTD, AMIRE, ALLS, BUNGA, BEI, DAKJOAH, DCSAFIRA, DEAN, DZIKRAAF, FRSK, IECHA 182, JIPS MONYET, KARE, MAWARDP, MNDY, NACA , NOIRCA, NOVIARTS, NURNUS, ONDE, PAPE, TRISN, MUME, YAP, and also MIZNEK street artist from Singapore.

Besides graffiti jamming, barbecue party and sharing session are also the part of this event. Event Bandung as the city where Ladies on Wall 2017 held, there are 36 female street artists who can not join the main event in Bandung city also held graffiti jamming in their hometown with same date, time and same theme spread in 9 City like Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Magelang, Semarang, Sumenep, Garut, Tasik and Lampung. Last year the artists who joined Ladies on Wall are just 32 female street artists, but on 2017 the artists are increase to 64 female street artists from all over cities in Indonesia. This is also a prove that the interest of female artist on graffiti and street art is increase. This is also gives more colors for street art Scene&Movement in Indonesia.

Final Walls