Let’s turn this year’s Christmas into a celebration of colors and style!

Scratch, discover, and celebrate the festive season with the Graffiti Advent Calendar! For graffiti enthusiasts, this is more than just a calendar – it’s a journey through the vibrant streets of Berlin. This limited-edition Advent calendar is restricted to just 500 collector’spieces. Imagine a Berlin house wall transformed into a canvas by 25 of the city’s renowned graffiti artists. This isn’t just any wall; these styles are the signatures of 25 graffiti writers each contributing their unique flair to this collaborative spectacle. The artwork, originally conceptualized and designed by these writers, is brought to life on a grand 50 by 70 centimeters poster. Hand-printed with a kaleidoscope of 9 colors!

Scratch Your Way to a Colorful December

Each style is hidden, waiting to be discovered under a layer of scratch-off paint. As you count down the days to Christmas, scratching off a new section daily, you’re not just marking time; you’re unveiling a piece of Berlin’s street art history. By Christmas, what you’ll have is not just a unique poster but a mosaic of styles from Drow, Snyder, Leroy, Dioe, Kuro, Pekor, Pheps, Poser, Amse, Spider, Smoc, Argh, Taxy, Volvo, Trem, Fino, Dart, Mr. X, Ast, Rocco, Fakt, Taxy, Bas2, Ranik, Dns crew.

Limited Edition: Grab Yours Now!

This isn’t just an Advent calendar; it’s a piece of Graffiti art history, a tribute to the culture of street art, and a testament to the talents of Berlin’s graffiti scene. With only 500 pieces available, this is an exclusive opportunity for art lovers and collectors. Don’t miss your chance to own this unique piece of Berlin’s street art legacy.

Visit Legacy of Berlin to secure your Graffiti Advent Calendar!