The Coronavirus has brought many of us to our limits. What those limits are exactly are not clear but for now, let’s reflect on being isolated, being forcefully unemployed, and possibly being lonely at a 1.5-meter distance from the next person. But let’s put all the negativity of this novel virus aside. Nothing good in life was ever achieved without pushing the limits. Where there are barriers, there are always people who figure out how to jump over them. And in Yolo land, these two people are Mina Mania (as featured in the Montana Artist series cans) and Push Plastic.

Making a choice between being protected, or trapped

The Berlin-based artists and illustrators were hit hard by the sudden quarantine period. All creative projects they had running either got put on hold or came to a grinding halt. So in the desperation of figuring out how to survive the “crisis”, things got creative again. Firstly the two designed their own Corona protection suits. Recycled shopping bags and matching masks becoming the new look in Yolo Land. Not trapping the artists, the suits are a form of protection not to mention as perfect for protecting against viral infection as well as keeping your clothes clean while working with the Montana ACRYLIC and Montana BOLD marker ranges

The final touches were the invention of the name Yolo land, an imaginary world that space that co-exists in the actual studio space the artists were locked down in. Yolo land becomes the mental retreat from all the craziness to live out fantasies and explore their even crazier imagination through a series of videos capturing the artists at work. The result is “LOCKDOWN Welcome to Yolo land”. A positive approach to making the this volatile period in history just that little bit more fun and interesting. Check it out here.