Team Flight Mode Update – Gamechanger

Usually, circumstances dictate possibilities in our game. Surface, timeframe, visibility, light, third-party work routines, and weather are just some of the crucial external factors that influence outcomes. Of course, some of these elements can be modified to even play in one’s favor. Especially when things do not look promising, creativity is vital, and one must not underestimate the factor of motivation. Writers are a flexible crowd. The history of Graffiti constantly shows signs of adaptation. New approaches, new techniques – and new materials.

We have come a long way from repurposing hardware supplies. In the 1980s, enamel paints and oven cleaner nozzles were our most advanced tools. Fast forward twenty years later: a broad range of colors and numerous caps can be ordered online – designer paints with shorter drying times, better coverage, new valves, and more pressure. Pressure surrounds us. After all, Graffiti means competition. The inner pressure to achieve adequate results, the external pressure to perform yet get away with it. Translating these underlying patterns of culture into a product is a reasonable conclusion. In 2012, a new player entered the game: the Montana ULTRA WIDE. A high-pressure can with a unique valve enables it to cover bigger spaces in significantly less time. There is no need to imagine a boost through a double-handed use. For a real-time demonstration, watch any recent video. Numerous clips showcase how boundaries can be pushed. Since the launch, the game has been changed. Backjump windows of three minutes all of a sudden offered valid options. Palanca gained a new catalyst to race the clock.

Go big or go home, right? Not exactly. Any new medium is essentially no more than a tool. However, a particular use case may be intended during the development. Artists, on the other hand, like to play with ideas. Thus, there has been an extreme countertrend. Instead of strict outdoor use, ULTRA WIDE has been introduced to the studios, too. Think of works by David von Bahr, for instance. Stark contrasts dominate his paintings which exude impulsivity, spontaneity, and even hints of aggression. All facilitated by the frictionless paint application.

artworks by David von Bahr

The MontanaCans ULTRA WIDE is an instrument that can create a distinct look. The outcome, nonetheless, depends on the specific context. Whether these aesthetics are consciously highlighted or just a byproduct is up to the artist. No loose ends!

The artcile was published on the MontanaCans LOOKBOOK #6 – read online here