Berlin is not renowned for famous diners or grandiose sky scraping buildings. But it does have two very cool things that a lot of other cities are low on. Great visiting artists and funky old gas stations. Recently for Urban Art Week in Berlin Germany, the Hamburg based artist duo “LOW BROS“, managed to merge the two. Emptying many Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans in the process, the LOW BROS Kept up Berlin’s reputation of ever forward moving street art and contemporary art. How? By transforming a quaint little old gas station into a retro-futuristic piece of art.

Gleaming Gas Station

Complete with neon lights, references to 80’s and 90’s iconography and of course their trademark teen wolf image, the gas station is an eye catcher rather than an abandoned petrol refilling point. For each side there is something to wonder and no visual weak spots to note. “Never seen that before”, is most likely what you’ll think. But just to make sure, take a look at the artwork here.

Images by the artist Low Bros