In this article, we look at the Italian artists Lugosis (aka Lugo) and Strato from Milan, and their latest work in the German Carhartt WIP Outlet store in Weil Am Rhein. Not every work of art has the need to re-invent the wheel. There are different needs for each artist when they create, just as there are different interpretations from each audience. But what is always important is that the artwork must have heart. If it doesn´t come from within, then it often doesn´t engage an audience when it´s out. Italian artists Lugosis and Strato know all about this as their artwork is as much a part of their professions and bodies, as it is their passion.

Contemporary graffiti with a playful twist

Their humorous playful work is as fun to look at as it is free. Like the loose doodle on paper that came shortly before the doodles on the wall, each work vibrates with spontaneity, hiding many messages that the aware viewer can pick up on. Fleeting moments with only Montana BLACK black on an elevated white wall surface, slowly unfold into an atmosphere of artwork that provokes smiles, thought, and contemplation.

For their latest work, the duo was arranged to paint in the Carhatt WIP Outlet store in Weil Am Rhein-Germany. Curated by the Colab Gallery team located just one floor above the Outlet store. It is clear to see that Colab knows which artists art the style-definers and trend creators. In a pleasant visual twist, watching Lugo prepare for his artwork, the Montana BLACK range cartons with the artist`s own design sit before him in preparation for use. All caught on film by Dan Künzler from the Colab team, take a look here at how the artwork came to being.

All images by Carhartt Store Colab Gallery Weil am Rhein