The good thing about these crazy times we live in is that if you are a graffiti artist, you’re most likely already used to wearing a mask, or covering your face. Before all this chaotic virus talk, the city of Milano was the breeding ground for more than just tourism and fashion. It had a virus of another type, the 200’s! Regardless of the cities current situation, two people rise above all the problems and manage to do two things that help us through these difficult times. They make us laugh, and with their skills they make us smile. The two people responsible for this are former Montana BLACK Artist Series can creator LUGOSIS (aka LUGO) and STRATO. Before lockdown, they were far from locked down! With as many sprays per year under their belts as some people manage in a career, STRATO and LUGO like to push the graffiti envelope with color and humor.

Lugosis and Strato 200’s Wall Update

Crazy times call for even crazier graffiti

Crazy characters bathe in vibrant Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK glory. Add some guns, some bling, and as many characterizations of cans as you can manage and you have the visual world of these two very loose urban creators. With letter styles that reference nearly every graffiti-style known to man, there is no ending to the tools, symbols, and icons that these guys pack into their lunch box. But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself. And whatever you do, remember not to take yourself too seriously while doing it.

Images by the Artist Lugosis and Strato 200’s

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