Napoli and the Journey to the Perfect Style

Swiss graffiti writer SMASH137 has always been renowned for his distinctive lettering and style. However, his recent journey to Napoli, Italy, exemplifies his relentless pursuit for the perfect style – an endeavor that would ultimately materialize in the design of the 25th Montana BLACK Artist Edition can. In Napoli, SMASH137 found his canvas on the walls and surfaces of an abandoned industrial area. The unique character of this location served as the backdrop for the artist’s exploration, with each wall bearing witness to a different iteration of his iconic style. Using only the Montana BLACK Black, SMASH137 experimented tirelessly, adapting and refining his approach to harmonize with each new surface.

With each stroke, SMASH137 reminds the viewer of the essence of his styles – the simplicity of the raw line and the beauty of minimalism.

SMASH137 – Beyond Boundaries

From the streets of Napoli to the creation of the limited Montana BLACK Artist Edition can, SMASH137 continues to push boundaries. His Napoli journey not only contributed to the creation of a unique artist edition can, but also further solidified his standing in the contemporary graffiti scene. This adventure underlines his unyielding commitment to evolving as an artist and testifies to the strength of his style.

Photography by SMASH137 and Hard2Buff