While the European summer festivals are mostly famous for their crowd-sizes, duration or leading positions within a certain music style, Les Escales in the French Atlantic town of Saint-Nazaire definitely resides among those with the most versatile line-up. While globally famous stars from Pop, Rock and the Electronic movements have been playing their stage, there is still room for a more versatile portfolio of creatives, including Fresh newcomers, world musicians from all over the global and further than that, also visual arts. This time, they have been inviting Australian photorealist prodigy and Montana Cans supporter Matt Adnate.

Together with Eric Mangen, who had been working on other projects with Matt before and since been developing and contributing a very own, hyper-expressive style of applying vast amounts of paint with the help of a custom tool, they brought some Aboriginal Australian heritage to the small Breton commune. The result: A perfect mix of large-scale abstract forms, bold colors and attention to finest detail – made possible by Matt’s impressive and unique skills and the help of Montana Gold. Matt Adnate & Eric Mangen Les Escales Mural

All images by the artitst Matt Adnate & Eric Mangen