Today mass media does a pretty good job of pushing fear, selling unnecessary consumables, stretching truths, and occasionally putting some actual information in the mix. What is real and what is not is often debatable even though there is seldom open and free debate on many of the topics that are too hot for conservative minds.

Tackling the issues, in Oldenburg

That’s where the MERMUR Urban Art Festival in Oldenburg Germany has found its exact niche for curating challenging urban art. The list of artists involved included Amanda Arrou Arsek & Erase, Sebastian Neubert, Tayla Broekma, Kartel, Philipp Pulkowsky, Kitsune Jolene, Alex Senna, Yara Jakobs, Robin Holthaus, Devin Liston, Jack Lack, Klara Schöell, Bolados, Mel Wilken, Max König, Lobster Robin, Lloyd Salomon, Johan Süßerbecker and 1UP CREW.

The result was engaging art that did not stick its head in the sand

Their job was to take a topic currently in the media, contemplate its meaning to them, and then conceive and paint a  mural concept on a part of 250-meter-long wall space along a rail corridor in the city. Complimented with a photographic exhibition by photographers Nika Kramer and Martha Cooper, the result was engaging art that did not stick its head in the sand.

Giving artists a voice

Armed with only ideas, acrylic paint, and as much Montana GOLD and BLACK spray paint as required, the once non-prominent space was converted to an open-air gallery. A sector that has added value to Oldenburg and its visitors. In a change from censorship, whispering, staying in line with the masses, or keeping your opinions to yourself, MEMUR has managed to give the artists a voice, the topics a meaning, and the city a unique opportunity to appreciate good art.

Images by Martha Cooper & Nika Kramer