The LOW BROTHERS name in this case may not be so accurate. Or at least the LOW part. With nearly every part of their new artwork at the Patrick Henry Village in Mannheim-Germany being elevated off the ground, the festival METROPOLINK is glad they got them out to make things happen. METROPOLINK 2019 – LOW BROS

With the sun shining and the the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans flowing like the LOW BROS very original ideas themselves, the pillars, frontage and many things in between were up for grabs. Carefully chosen, the LOW BROS re-invented symbols of a lost youth and cooked them up in post modern, visual soup. Drink brands, Credit card providers, spiritual symbology and of course tennis balls, all got the LOW BROS treatment. Even a major computer brand was reduced and re-introduced in a whole new context.

Making of

Shaking up the village for METROPOLINK

The strange empty car park made for an even more engaging experience as the empty spaces looked just as dormant as the symbols being used before they get the LOW BROS modernization. Artwork from a not so distant, future-past. Take a look for yourself here.

All images by Daniel Schreiber