The METROPOLINK Festival has reached its 4th year running. And as a proud supporter Montana-Cans and all the onlookers saw another diverse line up of internationally recognised, talented artists do their thing in 2018. With diverse being the key word, the artists featured this year were HERAKUT, Quintessenz, Jan – Paul and Sweet Uno to name a few. With a generous supply of walls through out the Heidelberg area, the Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans were at the ready. With a unique flair of habited and inhabited, many walls being painted on were old US army barrack buildings in the now sought after Heidelberg district.

Making of

Taking spaces in Heidelberg, Germany

Metropolink Festival 2018 – Heidelberg Germany

With the scent of military personnel being long gone, the smell of acrylic paint and Montana Cans was the new fragrance of choice. No two artworks alike, the whole gamut of street art, fine art through to graffiti was represented. As far as the eye could see color was creeping up on every square meter of bricks. Daunting eyes, linear graphic work, typographic graffiti-ism through to the quirky yet clever style of Sweet Uno.

Metropolink Festival 2018

All images by Daniel Schreiber