MINA and BRUCE. If you don’t know these names yet, then you will not forget them after seeing this post. A painting duo that are not afraid of color and able to combine classic, modern and naive graffiti with an uncanny sense of taste and style. Backed up with the technical skills to suit any territory or situation, when armed with Montana BLACK no grey surface is safe.

Street, wall, gallery, legal or illegal. It all goes into the creative mixing pot, get’s baked in the artistic oven and comes out the otherside as eye candy with a very intelligent twist. On a recent visit to Berlin via Paris, the pair got down on every possible substrate that they could get their color on. Leaving a trail of aesthetic artwork behind for all the locals and now Montana-Cans lovers to see.  Mina Bruce We got 99 problems but colors aint one

See how the journey progressed here

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