This year’s Tollwood Winter Festival welcomes you under the motto “Heldenschmiede”. Wouldn’t it be a heroic gift to stop time to capture a magical moment? The superheroine “Mina Magique” has several superpowers. Among other things, with her laughing Mina-Mojis she gives all people a good mood, she can fly and, thanks to her ingenious spray can, stop time by depicting an M with it. The M stands for “Magic Moment”, which should serve as motivation to consciously take a break, to decelerate, to deal with the beautiful things in life and to enjoy them to the fullest. MINA Installation Time Out

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who are the heroes among us all?“

The big, captivating eyes of the superheroine “Mina Magique” face the viewer, who in turn is reflected in them. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and the mirror itself is a symbol of self-knowledge, wisdom and truth. The background can be interpreted as the obscure side of existence, broken by heroic action. Thus each individual can be a hero who makes sustainable decisions for his fellow human beings and for the environment. The lettering “Heldenschmiede”, consisting of reflecting letters, is supposed to symbolize this.

In her installation “Venice Beach”, Mina highlights her understanding of space and depth in the creation of a very special atmosphere. In front of a big and glowing sun, two teams of Nanas are playing beach volleyball; finding themselves in a world of contrasts. Their playing field (the illuminated beach) is separated by a chain-link fence from the dark ghetto, which is also the visitor’s room. From this viewpoint we are able to experience the installation in its ultimate truth, perfectly marrying both the pieces’ concept and implementation.

All images by the artist