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Fast food is a guilty pleasure for many. We all know it is unhealthy, we all know it is not sustainable for the environment and yet most of us are guilty of dabbling in a little oil, sugar and salt every now and then. But if the fast food is only pictorial, then there is nothing to be guilty of.

This year at the AEROSOL ARENA in Magdeburg, Germany, Mone Uzi Crew, Brainpaintcircle & Smoenova had no shame in their game as they created an evil fast food mural. With a re-invention of some common fast food giants, no one was going to have any ill health effects by looking at this mural. The vibrant Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans released content without an ounce of fat or cholesterol.

The Evil Fast Food Mural

Giant plastic covered scissor lifts elevated the artists to their destinations as the massive building was transformed into a visual delight. The festival goers watched in awe as the pictures brought with them many messages. Even if your on a diet, take a look here at the calorie free fast food extravaganza. Mone Uzi Crew- Brainpaintcircle – Smoenova