The London based Moniker International Art Fair is one of the world leaders in displaying and supporting contemporary urban art. Since 2011 they have been collaborating with and bringing together some of the worlds leading artists that are active in the streets and gallery with urban orientated art. In a recent action at Greenpoint, Brooklyn USA, the team again brought together a distinguished line up of all star talent to give the hood a make over and leave a taste of the Moniker philosophy behind.

With the help of artists D*Face, BRUSK, SKEWVILLE, FinDac and JOSE MENDEZ, the streets of Greenpoint had an exhibition change over with the whole adventure being caught on film by Fifth Wall. The mural program is a welcomed addition to the local landscape and for those not in the know about Moniker, a little bit of motivation to see what else is within the project.

Peep the film and action here

video by @fifthwalltv 


Artists featured in the video: D*Face / @dface_official – BRUSK / @bruskdmv – Skewville / @skewville – FinDac / @findac – Jose Mendez / @jmiguel_mendez – Location – Greenpoint, Brooklyn | Video by Fifth Wall / @fifthwalltv

Greenpoint – Brooklyn

The Moniker International Art Fair in the streets of Brooklyn

Images by Moniker Art Fair x The L.I.S.A. Project