ACRYLIC Lettering session with Anna T-Iron

ANNA T-IRON has come a long way since the quiet days in her home town on the North German coast. The now Hamburg resident fits into her city surroundings like fine graffiti on a wall. However talented and clever this prolific typographer is, the work she creates is not just fueled by one dimension alone. With illustration, sign-painting, hand-lettering, body-painting, photography, and mural painting in her skill-set list, the list of can-do’s in Anna T-Iron’s work takes her work to many levels.

Colors right, colors tight

Making the color right and keeping the artwork tight was as natural for Anna T Iron as it was the first time we visited. The black card base she worked on as we watched soon filled with a multitude of words and images all based around color and the color names of the ACRYLIC range and her other favorite Montana Cans products. Yellow, Yellow Light, White, Acid Green, Power Orange, Fire Red, Orange Dark, Pink, Purple, Blue dark, Blue Light, Sahara Beige, %100 Cyan, Lilac, and Malachite Light. The list goes on as each color on the artwork was applied finding just the right place in just the right style.

As the ACRYLIC water-based paints were mixed from their ACRYLIC refill bottles into their 180ml Empty bottles, new tones were made and explored. The tips of ACRYLIC markers pumped as colorful bliss flowed through the EXTRA FINE, FINE, 15mm and 30mm markers. Some empty, some prefilled. The right changeable tip was used for exactly the right moment. For those exact colors that are already in the range, a slight grab from the ACRYLIC Marker Action display or an ACRYLIC Marker set meant all bases were covered for consistency and innovation.

Like a patchwork of mini artworks, the piece as a whole built up layer by layer, word by word and style by style. For those finishing touches, the color was brushed on to create immaculate fades and tonal variations adding dimension and depth to this otherwise 2D surface.

Considering all the small pieces that came together to create this one beautiful puzzle, ANNA T-IRON‘s final work was a prime example of her abilities. Multiple concepts informed by varied disciplines that all came together to create one harmonious artwork. And lucky for us, this occasion was recorded on film to become another inspiring ACRYLIC SESSION video featuring ANNA T-IRON.

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