In the European summer of 2018, the Austrian artist Frau Isa (of The WEIRD crew), arrived in Mannheim, Germany, with the challenge of painting an eight story building for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst festival (SWK). With a lot of Montana GOLD and countless litres of bucket paint, she rose to the occasion and produced an impressive mural on a grand scale. The mural titled “Aeskulap“, flexed not just her artistic muscle, but her illustrative and creative muscles as well. But we knew that there was a lot more to this artist then large scale murals. Her heritage from classic graffiti has taken her on a path that is well informed and well rounded, as it shows in her work. As a mother, illustrator, fine artist and shared business owner with her husband, there is no other option to be flexible and a multi-tasker. Thats what makes Frau Isa exceptional.

The Montana ACRYLIC SERIES just got “WEIRD”

We were so impressed with her work that we invited ourselves to visit Frau Isa in her studio/office in Vienna, Austria. The results of our visit is the newest edition of the Montana ACRYLIC SERIES. Her studio was prepared with Montana GOLD, Montana ACRYLIC markers, Montana ACRYLIC Empties and ACRYLIC refill paints. It was obvious to see that Frau Isa was no stranger to small scale art making either. Her profession, passion and creation all seems to come out of one hand. Take a look at her creative process here.



Montana Acrylic Ink, GOLD Spray paint and Varnish Matte on Canvas

All images by Montana Cans – Jordan Katz
Website Frau Isa