Studio visit with the Hamburg-based artist and Ultra Boys member

We’d like to introduce you to one of our regulars: GOLDEN GREEN. The Hamburg-based artist is known best for his pastel color scheme in combination with his unique graffiti aesthetic. In his past he has worked a number of truly „odd“ jobs including working as a stage-builder, as a worker at a fish market and as a call center agent. In 2008, he completed his studies to become a graphic designer and today, Moritz G. Green works as a freelance artist and has quite the long list of publications, solo shows and group exhibitions to show for it. Although he likes to keep well-connected to the graffiti world, for example, by being a part of the Ultra Boys Crew, he also enjoys creating his own fine art just as much, usually working with canvas or wood. We recently stopped by his Studio in Hamburg and watched him work on his latest creative piece. We are very proud to say that his brand of choice – for working both with cans and markers – is MONTANA-CANSMONTANA ACRYLIC SERIES FEATURING GOLDEN GREEN 179

GOLDEN GREEN’s style is infused with elements that appear to be from another planet. His futuristic designs depict universes bursting with perfectly constructed lettering and glitches, which are composed of geometric shapes. For this particular project, he chose to work with Montana ACRYLIC shades SH2010 Orange, SH 9000 Black and a few original GOLDEN GREEN shades, using 2mm, 15mm and 50mm markers. These extra wide marker tips allow him to achieve extensive coverage in a short amount of time, whilst still working with a 100% precision tool. But since GOLDEN GREEN’s design involved large areas to be covered with one color, he chose to use Montana GOLD spray paint for uniform, fast and easy coverage on those parts of his design.

This worked perfectly because the Montana ACRYLIC markers and the Montana GOLD spray paint are absolutely compatible, even with high coverage during layering. To get his unique color shades, GOLDEN GREEN used 180ml refills to create the color or his choice mixing the hue directly in the empty markers. This product enables him to have absolute flexibility as far as his color scheme goes, since he can mix any shade he wants.

Work in progress

All images by MONTANA-CANS / Jordan Katz

For the finer details, he chose the 2mm Fine marker, to accentuate his design and sign the finished piece. We’re impressed by the easy mix of media and of course with the finished artwork, which he titled „ABDRIFT“. Don’t forget to check out the video which will help you get a more vivid feel for GOLDEN GREEN’s working process and allow you to watch him create this piece with these one-of-a-kind tools.

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Also stop by to check out more of GOLDEN GREEN’s work at his website or follow him on
instagram @goldengreen179 or facebook.