Well known for his great style, WANE COD has dedicated his life to the power of letters. He was born in London and lived in England and Greneda until he was seven years old. In 1978 his parents brought him and his brother to the U.S. and moved to the North Bronx. During 1983, he became “Wane One” when he painted his first train.

WANE painting on steel at Brukeave Gunhill Station in 1987 – Photography by ©Ven AOK

For Wane spray cans have become a medium, but the culture of graffiti is a big movement, and the reason why he still goes out and does it the so called “illegal” way is because it keeps him grounded. It also keeps him knowing of what’s happening in the culture of graff. In the real world of how graffiti writers live the moment. “If you don’t go out and do it illegally, you’re clueless to what’s really going on. You are just a commercial artist using spray cans,” he quoted to the Creative Independent a couple of months ago.


Montana Cans had the chance to go to his studio recently and also follow him for a little while, to check out what is going on with him recently! Today, he divides his time between painting and running his company: Writers Bench. As an artist and Montana Cans heavy user, he states that “it’s all about letters” and graffiti is basically a type of typography that they can call style.


WANE uses Montana GOLD and BLACK spray paint as well as ACRYLIC inks and markers



recent series of canvas and studio works by WANE


It’s all about letters” and graffiti is basically a type of typography that they can call style.WANE COD

It’s all about letters

From graffiti in the streets of NYC to trucks, trains and big walls, Wane has become a living legend and representative in the culture of graffiti, not only because of his history, trajectory and specific style, but also because his honesty. There’s no secret, but Wane believes the only way to become good at something is to keep trying, knowing your past, your roots and work hard to until you get what want. Make sure to check out also his website!


Photography by © MONTANA-CANS / Jordan Katz, Alexander Krziwanie and © Wane




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