The summer sun has departed and the leaves of the trees are scattered on the moist cooling ground. It’s that time again and Halloween looms around the corner like a ghost story in a haunted house. In a Halloween tradition that has found a firm place in the MontanaCans calendar, we teamed up with a world classed graffiti artist that had their chance to get their spook on with the underlying partnership of the scary Montana BLACK color, HALLOWEEN 2085. For 2021, our collaborating artist with the skills to spook the crowds was none other than Swedish graffiti artist, KEAR STK.


Death defying style writing

Having worked with KEAR on a number of projects, there was no doubt in our minds that he could create some impressive graffiti style writing that would open the eyes of all those able to see. But how was he going to handle the Halloween theme? And would there be any surprises?

“Halloween looms around the corner like a ghost story in a haunted house.”

The grey wall, was not a symbol of the things to come. Before any of the Montana BLACK color Halloween 2085 was even added, the sketched out KEAR outline in black with a grim reeper slashing through from the left was enough to keep us alert from start to finish. As the layers of Montana BLACK and GOLD colors were applied and drying, we still weren’t sure when the color HALLOWEEN would make its appearance. That was until the thick 3D veering to the left entered the stage. Along with other orange tones, KEAR’s concept came to fruition, bringing its deadly halloween style to an epic conclusion.

Many graffiti art elements came together that day to form a halloween graffiti concept that will live on for years to come. KEAR again bringing his fine mix of classic letter based graffiti with his own smooth Scandinavian touch.

“…would there be any surprises?”

Let’s hope KEAR isn’t the one knocking on your door this Halloween when you hear the words “trick or treat”!

All images by the artist KEAR