MONTANA-CANS proudly presents the next BLACK Artist Edition #19 feat. DEMS333, aka DEMSKY J., aka DEMS of the ‘Ultra Boyz’ crew! DEMSKY was born in 1997 in the spanish town of Elche. As a child he developed a liking to pop-culture and later was to convert the images and experiences of his younger years into a library of inspiration for his contemporary version of graffiti.

Montana BLACK Artist Edition #19 feat. DEMSKY
Choosen color: Montana BLACK BLK 5080 Ultramarine Blue


What he himself didn’t realize at the time, is that this very same graffiti art would mature into a unique visual vocabulary that the artist himself refers to as NEOFVTVRISM. His love of the ’80s and 90’s has fueled the artwork that he is currently most known for. And with all these credentials to boast, we are extremely proud to announce the release of the 19th edition of the Montana BLACK Artist cans featuring the man himself, DEMSKY.

DEMS piece painted on his recent trip to Tokyo


The choice of BLK 5080 Ultramarine was most likely an obvious one. Almost being the “CI” of the artist, it features on practically all of his current works. In an ironic twist of fate, his futurist design will promptly take the step from future obtainable to valued past collectible, as the cans make their way into the collections of fans all over the globe.


For almost thirty years, DEMSKY’s work has been found it’s way referring back to the video game and arcade culture of the ’80s and ’90s, exploring all that went with it. His research not only made him reflect on his childhood, but also took him around the world in search of the origins of these images. It also enabled him to empty as many Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans as he could in the process. 

As shown in the youtube short film above of a recent trip to Tokyo, he has realized once scratching deep beneath the surface that it was not Europe or America that he could credit for this fabulous period in time, but in fact Japan. “The entire mecha or arcade culture, an infinite path of sensations that still travels in time…” for DEMSKY, this is his beloved Japan. 

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Exlusive Launch event at Montana Store Vienna 17th January 2020

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