Paying homage to the graffiti handstyle

Montana BLACK Artist Edition 21 by SICOER

The graffiti tag also known as handstyle is a fundamental element of graffiti practice. To pay homage to the skills of one of its greatest contemporary practitioners, we welcome the release of the 21st edition Montana BLACK Artist Series Can by SICOER. Over twenty years ago, the graffiti path of Polish artist SICOER (aka SICO) started similar to that of many graffiti artists all over the world. In his home city of Krakow, his tags could be seen high and low, each boasting flow, style, and a unique approach that would eventually become the focus of the artist’s interests. A small break in his graffiti practice and a return to the streets were just the starting point for SICOER’s new direction, the perfect handstyle.

SICOER’s choice of color: BLK5270 Sorrento Blue

A fundamental element of graffiti

From the grittiness of the streets where drips, scratchy lines, and dirty surfaces are the rules to abide by, SICOER who was no stranger to emptying his Montana cans and destroying his Montana markers, created a new visual language that was uniquely his own. Classic calligraphy and later traditional painting were thrown into the melting pot, resulting in SICOER earning a place as one of the best handstyles in the game. To pay respect to this basic element of the graffiti environment, it seemed fitting that SICOER’s work was featured on a selected Montana BLACK and color. And SICOER’s choice was BLK5270, Sorrento Blue. On a constant search for new shapes, compositions, and contexts to develop his letters, the SICOER handstyle sits comfortably on the front of a Montana BLACK can. With the ease of experience and knowledge, SICOER knows where to make the letters flair so the veiwers stare!

SICOER knows where to make the letters flair so the veiwers stare!

Montana BLACK Artist Edition 21 by SICOER

Montana BLACK Artist Edition 21 by SICOER – This Limited Edition Montana BLACK Artist Series is out now and only available while stocks last. So, speak to your Montana Cans reseller for infomation and availability now before they are all gone.

Photography by cabanoss / Video by patkustoms / Music is by PZG

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