Everything changes when the sun goes down. A blanket of silence enshrouds the world, darkness pours into every crack and crevice. And out come NAWAS, the spraycan toting nightwatchmen from Belgium. By day they’re top-end designers, illustrators and photographers, but when night falls they don smocks, balaclavas and fool’s caps and roam the streets. They bark at the moon, cross drawing swords in empty doorways and train yards, and gush away the day’s sourness with their roguish artwork.


They’re graffiti kings, obviously, but they don’t waste time waging style wars. They’re in it for the lulz, of course, but in the end it’s our everyday boredom that they are after, the ugliness, the pointless barbarism of life. Our planet in ecological turmoil, bombs in the Middle East, ruthless politicians yapping their nonsense messages? NAWAS serves humourous antidotes in spraypaint, happily abusing brand logos and famous characters and lettering. And from now on they’ll be employing their own NAWACID green colour can when going about their anarchist’s approach of scallywaggery.

nawacid-still1 nawacid-still2 nawacid-still31604_black_artist_edt_nawas_acid-0356-02