Next Montana BLACK Artist Series #22 by Malaysian Artist CLOAKWORK


Merging a classic color with a classic film theme

Renamed and reinvented, we are proud to present the 22nd Montana BLACK Artist Edition can, CLOAKWORK ORANGE BLK2070. For those of us that are old enough to have seen the film “A Clockwork Orange”, there is most likely a scene or a phrase that has stuck in our heads and followed us through our adulthood. Just like how we all have a favorite Montana BLACK can color that we picked up when we were younger, that we still reach for now.

“We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot unwrite it”

For the Malaysian graffiti artist CLOAKWORK, that favorite color is Clockwork Orange BLK2070. A powerful and vibrant orange that has its name inspired by the film “A Clockwork Orange”. CLOAK liked the color so much that when he was asked to design the 22nd Montana BLACK Artist Edition can, he submitted Clockwork Orange with a perfect CLOAKWORK twist. With a quote from the film like “We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot unwrite it”, the marriage of CLOAKWORK and the Clockwork Orange color seemed to fit like a glove. As did the clever illustrated design for the can which features a rendition of the film’s main character which also epitomizes the strengths of CLOAK’s technically apt and communicative style. 


CLOAKWORK and the Clockwork Orange color seemed to fit like a glove

Not only active in the streets with style writing, characters, mural work, and commercial graffiti, you can also see CLOAK’s work in the ocean, as mentioned in a previous Montana CansBlog post, and in the form of commercial illustration with a strong list of clients such as ​Adidas, Volkswagen, BMW, Converse, Warner Music, Hypebeast, and Tiger Beer. CLOAKWORK has a friendly mixture of graffiti lettering and stylized figurative elements which are always complimented by good composition and an excellent choice of Montana BLACK and GOLD can colors.

I designed the character holding up a board as if he just got punished by the authorities for causing chaos in the city. But, he can’t wait to paint after that.


All images by WAV. Studio

Montana CLOAKWORK ORANGE Cottonbag

The new CLOAKWORK Orange design Montana Cotton Bag is the ideal companion to celebrate the CLOAKWORK Orange Limited Edition Montana BLACK Artist can. The now-classic 38cm x 42cm sizing, made from 100% quality cotton is always helpful when you need to carry things, and allows you to do it in style. Available in stores soon!

As with all the Montana BLACK Artist Edition cans, this one is guaranteed to move fast so see your local Montana Cans reseller for information and availability. See all BLACK Artist Editions here!