Limited Artist Edition Series #BLACKARTISTEDITION

The MONTANA BLACK Artist Series is growing and becomes a highly impressive group-exhibition on MONTANA CANS. What started with the idea of ​​giving the artists not only a tool for the creation of Graffiti but also making it art itself, developed into a series of high-quality artworks that show the possible creative processes that can be done with MONTANA CANS. In the past two years we already produced spray-cans cans with the artworks of well-known graffiti and street artists like FORMULA 76, GOLDEN GREEN, SOBEKCIS, ASKE, KAOS, NYCHOS and THE GRIFTERS and over the last months proudly continued the series with great limited re-designs by TRISTAN EATON, DMOTE, NAWAS and BUFFMONSTER, who created the latest edition of the MONTANA BLACK Artist Series.

MONTANA CANS is very proud of every single limited edition Artist Series can. Each can is featuring a world renowned artist who has the opportunity to design a personalized artwork for his/her favorite MONTANA BLACK color, from the 187 colors in the MONTANA BLACK range. These designs are then implemented for a limited time in the production of the artists chosen color. Thus making any versions of the Artist Series cans exclusive, functional and collectable. The current designs of TRISTAN EATON, DMOTE, NAWAS and BUFFMONSTER are a good example for the variety of possibilities for the use of the MONTANA BLACK color range. Los Angeles based artist TRISTAN EATON, who became famous for his figurative illustrations, is one of the most exciting contemporary street artists in the United States of America, while DMOTE and NAWAS both stand for traditional graffiti writing, but could not be more different. DMOTE is world-famous for his classic way of stylewriting with roots in the Australian oldschool while NAWAS personifies a modern, creative way of European trainwriting. Like hardly any other writers, NAWAS creates new, creative interpretations of the name itself and the meaning of graffiti on trains. The latest design for the MONTANA BLACK Artist Series has been done by BUFFMONSTER. He live and works in New York City and became famous not only for the high recognition value of his comic-like characters which can be found in the streets and galleries all over the world.

The MONTANA BLACK Artist Series will be featured 4 times a year at the same price as the regular version. So grab them while they are available! (Note: The can not be ordered specifically. Limited edition cans will be supplied as regular color!). Watch out for upcoming artists in this unique series!