Hand made by Montana Store Vienna

Whether it be for private or commercial use, people who take their painting seriously need professional tools. Nobody knows this better than the Montana Store Vienna in Austria which has a clientele that demands not only the best quality spray paint available, but also the best quality color swatches that are as accurate as possible. The perfect incentive for them to create the Montana BLACK True Tone Color Chart.

%100 accurate and %100 handmade

A luxury that has been enjoyed by Montana GOLD users for quite a while, the Montana BLACK True Tone Color Chart brings the 189 popping colors of the Montana BLACK range to life in %100 accurate and %100 handmade color swatches. Painted directly onto high quality color swatch blanks, each color is carefully labeled and inserted into sturdy plastic protective pockets which are mounted in a unique 2-ring binder for easy access, and even easier clean storage.

Made in Vienna

Made in Vienna by the Montana Store Vienna team, the limited Montana BLACK True Tone Color Chart is only available while stocks last and can be shipped worldwide. For more information contact the Montana Store Vienna here, or visit the Montana Store Vienna online store here to order yours now.

All images by Montana Store Vienna

Limited quantities available – Only at Montana Store Vienna