Waffle (WLC MOLL) with the @HLstore Montana BLACK Season Pack

Winter can be bitter, cold and grey. All the more motivation for color and movement to stay warm and keep the blues away. No one knows this more then @HLstore, which is why they recently released the “Waffle (WLC MOLL)”, Montana BLACK Season pack. Not in any way detered by snow, Waffle proves that the Montana BLACK can withstand the most uncomfortable conditions. Even if the cans were siting in snow during the action, each can came to life instantly when needed. Not skipping a beat or a spray. Clip by @Guldvittrin

But how can you optimize your winter painting experience? There are few tricks that are tried and true that will help you stay up, even if the weather is getting you down. Keep your cans warm before you leave for painting which will maintain their correct pressure . A hot water bottle in your bag can work a treat, also a towel wrapped around them to insulate your bag. IMPORTANT: Keep the cans away from extreme heat and naked flames. Shake the cans EXTRA well! Try to use fatter caps which can keep them flowing and avoids blockages caused by the cold. And above all, wear Montana Winter Gloves, making sure your hands are already warm before you put them on!