Regardless of where you are, it’s always winter somewhere. And for the aerosol die-hard, winter is not a dirty word. Minus temperatures are no reason to stay home and there are no hurdles that can’t be jumped when it gets cold. The Montana Winter Gloves can keep your hands warm and protected, while the Montana BLACK performs, functions and delivers in extremely cold conditions. Montana BLACK is the perfect tool for working outside in very cold climates. Praised by artists all over the globe, the Montana BLACK is the “go-to” tool for all-weather reliability, even when snow or ice comes into play. The specially developed NC Formula in combination with the High Pressure valve system insures that you get the job done and have fun while you’re doing it.

Montana Black Winterproof

100%  Weather and Winterproof


The Montana Winter Gloves are ideal protection for use while handling paint and lacquers. They are an extremely comfortable mix of a nylon shell, a soft brush acrylic lining and a high grip exterior latex coating. These materials allow breathing for your hands to maintain optimum warmth for use between -5 and 8°C. The serrated fingertips offer exact touch and finger positioning. We recommend warm hands before putting the gloves on.

Perfect in combination with Montana BLACK

Comfortable – Protective – Excellent Grip