MONTANA-CANS presents CASE MACLAIM & WOW123 painting in Heidelberg, Hometown of MONTANA-CANS. Not far from our MONTANA-CANS HEADQUARTER our old friends Andreas and Markus painted a huge mural for the Metropolink festival 2017. On the artwork they used Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK… CASEs typical photorealistic style melts with WOWs abstract figures… Enjoy! MONTANA-CANS presents CASE & WOW painting Heidelberg 2017
“Earlier, in 1988 probably, Heidelberg had a very high significance when it came to Graffiti & street art, so I like to call the city sleeping giant. The community was incredible! The Stieber Twins and Kane have influenced my work frequently for over two decades” WOW123

Read the interview with CASE and WOW here


Markus Genesius aka WOW123   |   Andreas von Chrzanowsk aka CASE MACLAIM