Is it a piece, or is it a throw-up? German-based, Swiss-born artist SWEETUNO has been pushing this question in his graffiti practice for so long, the lines have become so blurred that they may no longer be relevant. For the recent indoor/outdoor contemporary urban art event “ExpoStation” in conjunction with TEAM COMBO, a series of spaces at the soon-to-be-refurbished SYBEL CENTER in Karlsruhe became available for artists to paint. And with the saying “creators gotta create” in mind, this presented an excellent opportunity for SWEETUNO to transform an unused space into an outdoor highly opaque color gradient.

The artist, who is renowned for his less is more approach, came up with a concept that was completely void of tricks or effects. The flavor of the day was one unique throw-up/piece design, repeated throughout 10 garage doors, with the simple formula of Black outline, and one dynamic color per door running in a smooth color gradient. A concept that was light work for the chosen Montana BLACK range colors that covered the doors with ease and efficiency.

Filling in the boxes with a style

There was no second chance for SWEETUNO when it came to putting on his final outlines. Every spray stroke, line, and movement had to be repeated in the same way to achieve the effect of having the same piece repeating over and over again in a different colored fill-in. Work that was made light by SWEETUNO who made it look like an on-stage performance of movement and vigor. There was nothing that could stop him, except for the rain! But even that came to an end, allowing the artist to bring his idea to completion. Take a look here at how unused garages are turned into a life-sized outdoor urban art gallery by SWEETUNO.