Spraycation: a concept common amongst graffiti writers and artists. No longer is painting a secondary thought while on vacation, these days we travel to paint. To celebrate the Spraycation way of life, we have created the new Montana Cans STICKER SET #2 – SPRAYCATION. In the early days of graffiti writing history, ‘KINGing’ your city was the name of the game. Your checklist before every mission was simple and clear, marker or cans, caps, bag, and appropriate clothing… Check. What started out as a neighborhood-by-neighborhood conquest, soon spread to other boroughs, cities, and eventually the globe. With the world of the graffiti writer opening, traveling to make their art became a greater part of their everyday reality.

Montana Cans Sticker Set #2 - Spraycation

SPRAYCATION – More than just a vacation

Times have changed since those humble beginnings of this beautiful culture we call graffiti. But the urge to travel hasn’t. On the contrary, as the surfaces and motivations of graffiti writing have developed and increased, so have the places and contexts to do it. The new checklist now looks like this; cans, gloves, mask, caps, backpack, appropriate clothing, camera and/or smartphone, PASSPORT, money… Check. And as a bonus (and if space permits), a change of socks and underwear are also welcomed. The set contains 12 high-quality vinyl stickers in various sizes from 5-8cm from the SPRAYCATION patch design collection, and one MONTANA LOGO-TYPE HOLOGRAM (non-eggshell) sticker. Designed by people who “know” the beauty of a Spraycation themselves, (MATTER OF agency in Stuttgart-Germany), their team has managed to visualize the Spraycation experience. Take a look at the orientation of the Spraycation designs here.

Go and see your local Montana Cans re-seller now for information and availabilities.

The designs featured are DON’T GET BUSTED!, STRAY CAT, FREIGHT TRAIN, GERMAN QUALITY, GISELA, LEAVE NO TRACE, BIG APPLE, MONTANA CANS MTA, SPRAY SAFE, SPRAYCATION, and TUNNEL RAT. Designed by people who “know” the beauty of a Spraycation themselves, (designed by MATTER OF), their team has managed to capture the essence of the Spraycation experience. To relate to the “code” of the Spraycation experience.