You may have just started recovering from the recent post of the Montana Cans USA sprayday in California. The moster wall left nothing to question as all the artists involved spelt it out to show their love for “MONTANA CANS”. If you missed it, imagine this… Eleven monsterous letters, the Los Angeles sun, mega meters of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK color emptied from top to bottom. All spelling out the source of the color coming from the cans, MONTANA CANS.


Sprayday in Carson, California

In the tradition of the famous Saber piece in the LA canals, this gigantic piece is monumental! Most likely also able to be seen from 30,000 feet. And it isn’t all about size either. TWIGS, GRAB, KAER, WANE, NYCHOS, TRISTAN EATON, AMUSE, OTHER, GIANTAWE 2 and PERSUE, all came through with the goods delivering quality as well as quantity.

Photography by Donny Doquisa

Make sure to check the gallery as well.

With a little help from @chopemdownfilms this memorable event was captured on film, so your retinas can take a beating all over again. Sit back, take a deep breath and be impressed!