The SPRAYCATION, a unique graffiti concept that combines the graffiti writer’s instinct for creation and travel. What once was “writing my name” while on holidays, has now become “going on holidays to write my name”. One thing is for sure, regardless of your motivation when you travel, you need a good backpack. In all its simple beauty, the backpack combines the strength of the human form, with the necessity for it to be able to carry things.

Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack Collabo – For quite a while, Montana Cans has been exploring carrying solutions in the form of the Montana Bag range. We have created practical bags, cool bags, and environmentally friendly ones. All with the idea that if you have to part with it, it’s not the end of the world. But now and then, the need arises for something more. Something you will keep that will accompany you on your adventures, that could also see you through your daily routine.

MONTANA CANS x NITRO Backpack Collabo

Having owned their spot amongst the globally leading brands in Snowboarding, our friends at NITRO Snowboards know more than others how to create bags for daily use and always been combining function and style into their products since 1990. As a company founded in the origin of lifestyle sports, its quest to combine urban elements with state-of-the-art technology plots their path to the pursuit of durability and reliability. The NITRO SCRAMBLER backpack could be considered a symbol of where these two innovative brands meet, which is where the Montana Cans x Nitro Backpack collabo, is now a reality.

The Montana x Nitro Scrambler backpack is the ultimate companion for creative adventures into unchartered terrains. This stunning black, 960g bag is 47 x 30 x 12cm, for a perfect fit on any back. Whether you have planned your work meeting to precision or need to fill it in the last minute on the way to a spontaneous spraycation, the Montana x Nitro Scrambler allows you to carry 12 x 400ml cans in the main compartment. The hard-wearing outer material enables the removal of unwanted paint marks or accidental overspray.  Ergonomic fitted straps result in secure comfortable wear regardless of how rigorous your daily routine is. Stylish, urban, and professional, this go-anywhere bag fits your 15″ laptop in a separate compartment for easy access even when the bag is full. And when required, the roll-top closure offers more space in the main compartment. 


The inside is lined with a unique Montana Cans designed and branded material, reminiscent of subway train seat covers from around the world. Admire your shadow as the Montana Cans x Nitro Scrambler Backpack generates a beautiful silhouette as if built only for you. Move freely and go wherever you want to go. For that extra personal touch, add some of your favorite Montana SPRAYCATION patches featuring all the graffiti writing elements that are fundamental to the spraycation experience.

Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack Collabo