It’s that time of year. Everything and everyone is going DIY again. Some cool new videos just arrived and we will be sharing them with you in the following weeks. Hamburg-based DIY-enthusiast  Jessica Stuckstätte got in the spirit and spiffed up these old stools to make awesome side tables with the help of some Montana GOLD cans. All you need for this project is some crepe tape and wash tape, old newspaper, stools and a couple of cans in your favorite colors from our Montana GOLD series. Starting out, all three stools need to be shortened to varying heights. Once the legs are shortened and sanded, wrap the legs in some old newspaper. Now it’s time to get crafty and go crazy with crepe tape. Any kind of geometrical shapes will look awesome! If you’d like to paint your stool a base color first, that’s also fine. Once you’re happy with your shape, choose a color of Montana GOLD spray paint and go for it. MONTANA DIY PROJECT 01 PAINTED CHAIRS

The Montana GOLD series is the best choice for any kind of DIY project. The acrylic-based paint will adhere to loads of different kinds of surfaces and the low-pressure spray is not only great for indoor crafting, but also is a good way for beginners to get accustomed to the can as a crafting utensil. After your first coat of paint is dry, it’s time to advance your tape design. Combining tapes with different widths will create great effects. Coat your design with another layer of spray paint. Make sure to color coordinate your favorite colors. If you like the idea of adding a third color, you can do that either with another layer of spray paint, or get creative with some Montana ACRYLIC markers. Because both series are acrylic-based, they’re easily combined. A Montana ACRYLIC marker is the perfect tool to fill in some more detailed designs. Jessica went for our 15mm marker in Shock Blue Dark.

Be sure to wait for everything to dry before you pull off the tape and reveal your design. To seal the surface, coat it with a layer of VARNISH spray from the Montana TECH line. And they’re done. Such a cool and easy way to add a stylish accent to your home. Handmade by you.

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