The introduction of the METALLIC EFFECT sprays to the Montana Cans assortment brought on many reactions. Apart from the obvious “wow”, “nice colors” or “they are cool”, some more considered questions like “why” were the ones that caught our interest. For us the reasons were clear.

The pre-existing Chrome Effect or Matt Metallic colors in the Montana GOLD range had the origins in painting graffiti. They have very fine pigments that easily can be pushed through high performance valves that allow low pressure handling. Both high covering and highly opaque, their durability and longevity were not their main focus in order to offer the users the Montana ride they were used to. Extending on that the Chrome Effect colors were open surface paints, meaning the pigments were located on the outside of the paint binder when dry to reflect as much possible light directly, as opposed to be sealed in the paint binder like normal closed surface colors. The result is the famous lustrous chrome like shine, but with little durability, resistance to the elements or UV light resistance.

The new METALLIC EFFECT colors however have medium sized pigments that require a larger space to be ejected through and emit a rougher, dustier looking application. Their origins are from the auto industry and were introduced to make it possible for users to create high end, durable and aesthetic metallic finishes  in a long lasting, closed surface finish. Making it possible to paint anything from bikes, deco, furniture all the way to fine art.


Montana METALLIC EFFECT sprays go Analog

This didn’t stop the die-hard writers from wanting to give it a go. One of which included Bobby173 aka Bobby Analog who was well aware of the differences to the pre-existing metallic colors and wanted to see if he could add a wider metallic color pallet to his art. Although not as opaque as their other metallic family members, the layers were applied smoothly and the results were pleasing. On the pre-primed portion of the wall the metallic effect really rose in all its glory and Bobby made all the letters come to life in robotic elegance. Check out the session here…  Montana METALLIC EFFECT sprays go Analog



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