What happens when you spray all day, play all night

Now the dust has settled and Wien or Vienna as most foreigners know it has calmed down back to it’s normal European spring tempo. By now most of the people who attended the Montana Store Vienna’s first birthday party have either found their way home or if lucky found a new home in the city with someone else. But the art remains and the empty Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans are well and truly in the recycle bin. Only those lucky limited MSV 1st cans that weren’t used are still full and hidden away for safe keeping. Montana Store Vienna 1st Birthday – The Aftermovie

What does remain however is the video recap of the festivities. Or as the creaters have called it, “The Aftermovie”. Take a look here and try not to get sad that you weren’t there too.

Also check the image recap of Montana Store Vienna 1st Birthday.