We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, “Tired of 2020”. Recently the Montana Store Vienna rolled into their third Sunday Session with a writer that summed it up in one statement. “Tired of 2020”. It is safe to say that we all are! Local Viennese artist SCHWESTER ESTER (Sister Ester), stepped up and delivered not only a nice colorful style that makes us grin but also a statement that sums up the emotions of the globe’s people in the least possible words.


SCHWESTER ESTER is “Tired of 2020”

With a mix of Montana GOLD and BLACK colors that are far from macho, ESTER manages to distract us from all the bad news for a moment and remind us that we are not alone. Her cute little teddy bear, with claws out ready to slash, is hard to take seriously at first. Its combination of light yellows and pinks don’t exactly look threatening. But then again, the months of January and February 2020 didn’t look that harmful at first either. That was however until our world changed forever. But until then, sit back and enjoy’s ESTER’s work here.

With rounded edges, and a reminder to not take things too seriously, SCHWESTER ESTER’s piece adds some clever diversity to the pieces already created for the MSV’s, Sunday Sessions. We look forward to being impressed and surprised by the artwork created in Session #4.

Photos by Fabian Pohl / Montana Store Vienna