The European Autumn has arrived, and the mood has changed from warm to cool. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you are a graffiti writer in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Some extra clothing, a different color selection, and some good company. All things catered for by the Montana Store Vienna, in their fourth edition of the SUNDAY SESSIONS.

Sunday Sessions Number #4

For this edition, the Hungarian writer BAND from Budapest, who has been living in Vienna for the last 8 years, took to the cans to flex his hall of fame muscle. Unlike a lot of legal wall painters, BAND had a little extra pace on the trigger end of his Montana BLACK and GOLD cans and managed to knock his piece out in a leisurely 2 hours.

During these complicated Coronavirus times, with a backdrop of fallen leaves and foggy skies, the piece fits well into the autumn context on the highway underpass. Even putting on the aerosol mask didn’t seem a problem as it was only swapping one mask for another. The result, a colorful burner, and the fourth SUNDAY SESSION wrapped up as a success. Take a look at how things warmed up here.

Images by Montana Cans Store Vienna