Graffiti style writing is based on the exploration of style from the basis of a name. That name can be in many forms including a tag, a moniker, or an alter ego. But what good is the exploration of style in graffiti if there is nowhere to paint? Nowhere to get busy? The legal wall or Hall Of Fame as it is referred to in Europe is often a breeding ground for style and the wall-sized sketchbook for writers who want to hone their craft. The German city of Dortmund has its fair share of graffiti meaning the availability of legal spaces to paint is of high value. This is something that the Markus Happe of the More Than Words team knows all too well, and one of the motivating factors for their recent jam to inaugurate the opening of the new, 600-meter-long Speicherstrasse legal wall space in Dortmund.

Opening the Speicherstrasse Hall Of Fame

The More Thank Words team also knows how to put a good wall together and the German April sun came through to the call of duty to warm things up to the massive group of writers dropping their styles on the abundance wall space. In total 75 writers came from all over including graffiti greats such as Cantwo, who joined in the session and made sure that the future of the wall was bright and colorful from the word “GO”!

600 meters of wall space

The click-clacking of mixing balls shaking in the Montana BLACK and GOLD cans were a constant backdrop of sound for writers as they paused, contemplated, shook, and sprayed. The diverse array of styles and artistic approaches was as long as the wall itself, which is bound to house pieces by graffiti writers from all over Germany and the world in the coming future. Lucky for us all the pieces in the former Knauf Yard along the harbor were caught in photos so we can enjoy them now from the comfort of our screens.

Graffiti greats such as Can Two joined in the session

The full list of writers included: Pems / Kiks / Akril / TopNotch / Demon / Rait / Hawk / Cable (NL) / Boots (NL) / Funs (NL) Deos (NL) Dear (NL) Argo (NL) / Yoghurt (NL) Jepie (NL) Weis / Pout / Orio / Liam / Cuba / Cantwo / Hifi / Wert / Kont / Doe / Remoe / Whodoo / Eis / Kes / Siek / Trios / Norbert 3000 / Aphe / Tarik Stoker / Knut / Mosak / Rol / Lorz / Storn3 / Sino / Atair / Screw / Intro / Ports / Bison / IOK / Parle / Grob / Habit / Foxy / Damone / Hidra (ESP) / Sirius / Blutig / Rant / Rats / Reik / Reiner / Ains / Noah / Samy / Mista / Psyche / Felt / Dick / Mave / Darm / Kibe / Bird / Zeno / Saife / Shye / Musky / Taik / Water / Slyer

Images by More than Words Graffiti Jam